Half Knot Instructions

Half Knot
Here is my attempt at instructions for the half knot. The most basic of macrame knots! If you can tie your shoe, you can make these knots!

You can check out the things I have suggested for making hemp jewelry before you start.

I have used two different colored pieces of hemp to hopefully help out. The natural color is called the knot bearer cords and the blue one is called the knotting cords.

Step 1: Attach the knot bearer cords to your board with a t pin or push pin. ( I folded mine in half that is why there are two cords showing) You can use a piece of tape to secure the loose ends.

Step 2: put the right knotting cord (blue) over both knot bearers (natural). Then put the knotting cord under the left knotting cord (blue).

It should look like this now:

Step 3: Drop the right cord you just used and pick up the left knotting cord (blue) and go under the knot bearers (natural) and then up through the loop you created in step one, and then over the knotting cord (blue). Just like when you start to tie your shoes, except your are going over and under the knot bearers (natural).

It should look like this now:

Last step is to take the knotting cords ends (one on the left and one on the right) and pull tight. Just like tying your shoes.

This is the half knot.

When many of them knotting in a row, it makes a spiral effect.

This is obviously not a very good picture. But you can go to my site and check out finish pieces that have the spiral look to them. That’s it! It really is simple once you get the hang of it. Practice practice practice, that is what it will take.

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