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New hemp bracelets and necklaces

Hey everyone! Captains Hemp Shop here to tell you guys about the new items we have posted in out hemp shop. Don’t forget about the other great necklaces and bracelets we have for sale in the hemp shop. So please stop by and take a look at what we have to offer and pick up some great handmade jewelry.!

See you guys at the hemp shop!

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Hemp Necklace – Rasta Tie Die Choker (USD $9.99)

Hemp Necklace - Rasta Tie Die Choker (USD $9.99)Hemp Necklace - Rasta Tie Die Choker (USD $9.99)

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Hemp Necklace – Rasta choker 2

Rasta Choker

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Hemp Necklace – Natural Design

 Natural Design

Natural Design

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Hemp Jewelry Patterns

         Awesome Hemp Jewelry Patterns

Every individual has a potential to bring their idea into life. When you succeed in doing so, you will get a great source of contentment. Handicrafts are one such thing, which brings popularity to a creative mind. By trying out different hemp jewelry patterns, the jewelry makers and hobbyists get complete satisfaction and fame when it comes to hemp jewelry making. Hemp jewelry patterns give creativity amongst the jewelry makers. Making hemp jewelry is a great way to pass time and it is a simple, inexpensive way to have fun either by a single person or with family and friends.

Jewelry from Natural Fiber

 Hemp growing is illegal in U.S.A., because the natural fiber is obtained from the cannabis plant, which is also responsible for yielding the drug marijuana. Hemp that is available in all crafts shop is commercial hemp and is used for making hemp jewelry. Due to its varied benefits, the fiber is made available nationwide. Hemp jewelry is simple and inexpensive and at the same time durable and strong. Above all, hemp jewelry patterns are versatile and are environmental friendly. Fashion designers and celebrities give more importance to hemp jewelry, its accessories and other home décor items made out of hemp. This increases the popularity of the hemp products.

Ease of Making Hemp Jewelry

Hemp jewelry patterns are based on simple two basic knots half knot and square knot and it does not require any difficult technique. With these basic knots, you can create various knots and explore your creativity. Experiment with varied knots and multiple weaving techniques. You can create wonderful, attractive hemp jewelry patterns for yourself and your family. Dyed hemp strands are available in almost all colors. Addition of different color beads increases the beauty of hemp jewelry. It is real fun to make items like anklets, necklace, bracelets and ring out of hemp, which can go well with your outfit. Above all, books, kits and web sites on hemp jewelry are available in plenty if you really want to specialize in jewelry patterns.

Part of Hippie Culture

Hemp jewelry was actually introduced by hippies in the year 1960’s and 70’s. Hippies hate valuable jewelry and select hemp for making their accessories. The fashion has comeback with a bang. This has gained popularity among young and old generation as all time wears. Making different varieties of jewelry is not only a fun but gives extreme satisfaction to the workers who involve themselves in making them.

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History of Macramé

History of Macramé

The terminology “macramé” dates back to an Arabic origin and translates to ‘fringe’. This skill originated in the thirteenth century when Arabian weavers would knot excess fabric at the edges of loomed fabric. It then became popular in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries on French and Italian ships. Macramé was known to sailors as “square knotting”, a fancy rope work used to make small decorative items aboard a ship. Sailors would describe the rope materials used by their circumference, however, now cord size is given in diameter length. They typically used cotton, hemp or steel cord to ornament the ships rigging. The round braids, hitching and Turk’s head macramé styles were often used as protective wrappings for rails, spars and rigging. Mats were made from hemp and cotton to create nonskid surfaces on deck. Macramé has evolved into an art form in which the possibilities of creation are endless. Wall hangings, clothing, pot coverings, bags, belts, and jewelry are all macramé products that can be made at home with cord.

via Hemp jewelry – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The Appeal of Hemp Jewelry

The Appeal of Hemp Jewelry

Hemp jewelry is a perennial favorite of teens and young adults, but learning how to make necklaces and bracelets from hemp is a great skill for any crafter interested in the art of jewelry making. For the novice crafter, making hemp jewelry provides an inexpensive alternative to other jewelry making techniques. A hemp necklace or bracelet is much more affordable than one made from leather, sterling silver, or semi-precious stones. When you’re working with hemp, you can feel free to explore your creativity without worrying about the high cost of materials. Hemp jewelry is also surprisingly durable. This makes a hemp necklace or bracelet perfect for everyday casual wear. Hemp jewelry is meant to be seen and enjoyed, not stashed in your jewelry box while you wait for a “special” occasion.

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