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Hemp Necklace – Rasta choker 2

Rasta Choker

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Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

Cleaning Hemp Jewelry

Now that you have got your hip hemp jewelry, how do you take care of it?

You can wash your hemp jewelry using warm water, shampoo and conditioner. Make sure that you air dry the jewelry.

A key point is to remember that washing weakens the hemp over time. Wet hemp swells when it is wet, therefore, the more exposure to water, the softer and weaker your hemp will be.

If you have a detailed or complicated hemp pattern, it is recommended that you not get the piece wet.

If your have a simple piece of hemp jewelry, wash it cautiously, because over time, it will weaken as well.

Another tip, if your hemp jewelry is made of colored hemp, instead of natural hemp, the dye also weakens the hemp.

via Jewelry Care | Hemp Jewelry Designs.

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